Professor Chen Fangfang from China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin University Won 16th Jilin Youth Science and Technology Award

Recently, the 16th Jilin Youth Science and Technology Award was announced, and Professor Chen Fangfang of our hospital won this award.


This award was jointly organized by the Organization Department of CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jilin Province, Department of Finance of Jilin Province and Association for Science and Technology Jilin Province, aiming at commending a group of young academic and technical leaders who have stepped into the global forefront of science and technology, as our province is implementing its strategies of rejuvenating the country through science and education, strengthening the country through talents and driving development through innovation. It is also aimed at inspiring young scientific and technical workers to continuously innovate and rise to the challenges bravely.

As an outstanding representative of young scientists and technicians in our hospital, Professor Chen Fangfang devoted herself to scientific research and innovation, and made significant achievements in the field of nano-medicine, with notable contributions to the science and technology development of our hospital. Taking the young scientists in Jilin Province as an example, we hope the young scientists in our hospital can vigorously carry forward the spirit of scientists in the new era; hold the confidence for innovation; shoulder the responsibility entrusted by history; face the world science and technology frontier, the main economic fields, the nation’s critical needs and people’s life and health; and contribute wisdom and strength to the development of science and technology of our hospital and the overall revitalization of Jilin in the new era.