National first prize!

National first prize!

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Innovation and motivation


On November 19th, in the China University Life Science Competition (2021, Science Inquiry), the team of China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin University won the first prize by the project Mechanism of Abnormal Splicing of DVL2 Caused by SF3B1 K700E Mutation, which is the only department in Jilin University that won this award, and also the first time that our hospital won the first prize in this competition. Member of this team include Director and Professor Wan Zhenxin, Professor Hu Xin , Zhou Yuning, Du Xianlong, Yu Zihan, Li Xinying and Li Runxuan of Cancer Biology Laboratory of China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin University, who had prepared for nearly 400 days and nights. The team members have overcome all sorts of difficulties, devoting themselves to research, and stood out of the 7,729 teams who registered for the competition and the 5,155 teams who qualified for participation. Professor Wan Zhenxin, the team instructor, remarked, “From project submission, expert assessment, all the way to online defense, today we finally won the national award. Thanks to the support of the school, the hospital and everyone’s efforts!” Professor Hu Xin said, “More than 120 seminars, 44 pages of experiment records and more than 8,000 words of the research paper have witnessed the team’s efforts.”


The award-winning project Mechanism of Abnormal Splicing of DVL2 Caused by SF3B1 K700E Mutation complements and refines the existing RNA splicing theory, clarifies the mechanism of “truncated” abnormal splicing of the important cancer gene DVL2 caused by SF3B1 mutation, and lays a foundation for the cancer treatment targeting SF3B1 mutation. It carries great significance.