“2021 Oxford Online Course - Medical Training Class” officially opened at China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin University

On August 9, the 2021 Oxford Online Course - Medical Training Class (hereinafter referred to as the "Medical Training Class") officially opened at China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin University (JLU).

The opening ceremony was held via video and presided over by Janina Duda, Director of Teaching and Learning of Oxford Prospects and Global Development Institute (OPGDI). Also attending the ceremony were Lynn Robson, Provost of Regents Park College, Oxford University; Wang Shidong, Director of OPGDI; Zhang Guangcui, Director of JLU Office of Global Engagement; Zhu Beibei, Deputy Director of JLU Office of Global Engagement; Cui Shusen, Party Secretary of China-Japan Union Hospital; Du Jianshi, Vice President of China-Japan Union Hospital; Qian Fenghua, Director of the Teaching Department of China-Japan Union Hospital; Liu Yin, Staff Member of JLU Office of Global Engagement; and 31 participating teachers and students.图片1


In her speech, Lynn Robson recognized the long-standing friendship and cooperative ties between Oxford University and JLU and appreciated JLU for providing more opportunities for bilateral cooperation during the Covid-19 pandemic. She also hoped that JLU teachers and students participating in the Medical Training Class can engage themselves in exchange and learning for a good educational experience.

Secretary Cui Shusen expressed his gratitude to Oxford colleagues for their meticulous preparation, and to the JLU Office of Global Engagement for their strong support. He emphasized that as an affiliated medical school of JLU, China-Japan Union Hospital has been fulfilling its responsibility of medical and moral education. This time, the joint online course can serve as an opportunity to introduce high-quality, cutting-edge international teaching resources to JLU and promote the application and commercialization of research outcomes. Such efforts will help the talent training, discipline development, and platform construction of JLU meet international standards, promote the high-quality development of medical education, and contributes to JLU’s endeavors to build world-class university and disciplines and push forward medical education.

Director Zhang Guangcui mentioned that JLU values its cooperation with Oxford University and is continuously expanding the ties. As the second online student project jointly launched by the two sides in the field of medicine, the project is expected to help the teachers and students of China-Japan Union Hospital keep abreast of the academic frontier, broaden their horizons, and foster their global perspectives. Director Zhang hoped that China-Japan Union Hospital can take this opportunity to discuss the way of cooperation with Oxford University in the fields of medical education, telemedical services, and scientific research.

Wang Wan, associate professor of breast surgery at China-Japan Union Hospital, spoke on behalf of the teaching assistants and students of the Medical Training Class. She said that the teaching assistants will actively communicate with Oxford professors to learn their advanced teaching methods and frontier knowledge. Meanwhile, they will also try their best to help students solve the difficulties they encounter, and deliver a satisfactory performance in the three-week course.

At the end of the ceremony, Janina Duda gave a brief introduction of Oxford University for the participating teachers and students and elaborated on the content, classroom etiquette and matters needing attention in the Medical Training Class.


“2021 Oxford Online Course - Medical Training Class” is the second online student project jointly launched by Jilin University and Oxford University in the field of medicine. Focusing on surgical medicine, the course lasts for three weeks, including modules such as lectures, seminars, and workshops. It attracts the participation of 27 students from the 2017-2020 batch of JLU China-Japan Union Hospital and five teaching assistants.